Freshmen Year Experience

        My freshmen year I decided to live in Stevenson Hall. It was a very exciting experience because I had never been away from my parents for a long time period. In my adolescent mind, I was excited to be “free” from rules and ongoing daily lectures from my parents. I had a suite style room that I shared with 3 other ladies. I had an amazing experience where I was able to meet people that are my friends now. Although I did feel like I had freedom, I missed my family every so often. I would go home every two weeks. It was something that I felt like I had to do.

       My second year at NIU I decided to live in an apartment off-campus. This was a different experience than living in a residence hall. I had to cook for myself on a daily basis, which was new to me. At times I did not know what to cook so I had to call my mom for advice. Experiences like these prepare you for the “real world” early on. I felt like I was too far from campus so I decided to live closer to campus.

      This year, I currently live in a townhouse right on campus. I enjoy the convenient walk to every building.. My roommates are wonderful because they are all close friends of mine. Many of neighbors are people who I knew before. It’s like living in a small colonial town. I know when I graduate next year I will miss experiences like these where I was able to create unforgettable memories. NIU, you will be missed. 



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