I <3 NIU!!

I heart NIU because it has given me experiences that have changed my life! Never would I have thought I would be conducting research  through the Research Rookies Program  with a public health professor, Dr. Ciesla and now the Undergraduate Research Assistantship with a physical therapy professor, Dr. Collins. These projects were presented at national conferences across the country. Thank you to the OSEEL office!

I have been able to meet wonderful people at NIU, including students and staff. I love hearing each and every one of their journeys and future goals, which are inspiring to me. The Latino Resource Center has always been a great center where you are able to go and meet new people who have the same culture and values as you. This is touching to me because I am away from my family which can be difficult during stressful times. I have been able to be involved with Adela de la Torre Honors Society, the first Latino Honors Society on campus. This is impactful to me because of the importance of Latino students successfully graduating from universities. 

This past winter break I was given the opportunity to participate in an externship, that was developed with the partnering of the University Honors Program and the NIU Alumni Association, at Advocate Sherman Hospital with the president of the hospital, Ms. Linda Deering. Ms. Linda Deering was a great mentor to me. These experiences have been truly meaningful to me. I am surrounded by great mentors who have supported me from the very beginning of my freshman year. As a future alum, I hope to be a mentor to NIU students. Also, thank you to the supporters who have helped fund programs for students. They have enriched my college career which I am extremely grateful for. 


One thought on “I <3 NIU!!

  1. NLA says:


    We are so glad you have been able to connect with the university in so many different ways and are happy the LRC has become a home away from home for you!

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