Stay Safe NIU

As a college student at NIU you have to learn how to balance academics and the things you are involved in but you also have to relax and have fun. At NIU there are many things to do for fun such as attending sport events, going to the bowling alley at the Huskies Den, visiting the observatory in Davis Hall, as well as visiting DeKalb downtown. Currently, our football team is undefeated and we encourage you to attend the following home game on November 26th, 2013 at 6pm vs Central Michigan.  

Staying safe is also important while having fun. Making smart decisions is one way I stay safe on campus. I never walk alone at night and I make sure I always watch who is behind me. Police Chief Tom Philips visited us in last month’s NLA meeting and told us of a few tips to stay safe. He advised to never use your phone while walking because you are putting yourself in danger of getting it stolen. He also advised to not give anyone your pin to your credit/debt card even if they offer fast cash. Be aware of your surroundings everywhere you go and try to avoid listening to music while you walk because it is a distraction. Stay safe everyone!


One thought on “Stay Safe NIU

  1. It seems like Chief Philips really had an impact on the NLAs, which is awesome! I’m glad you were able to get some take away points from speaking with him! And making sure to have some fun and time to relax is definitely important, well said. 🙂

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