Beginning of the Semester!

I am currently enrolled in health promotion, medical terminology, introduction to rehabilitational services, evolutionary biology, and developmental psychology.

In my health promotion class I am very excited for a project we have to do which is to create our own plan to help a community through public health. I am also very excited for my introduction to rehabilitation services class as well as my medical terminology because it related to what I will be doing as a physical therapist. 

In the past I have taken many science courses such as chemistry and physics. I am almost done completing my general education requirements. My favorite class has been Disability in Society which is about learning about people with disabilities and how to be respectful towards them.

In the future, I will be taking more public health courses which will help me with my goal which is to create a preventive healthcare facility in a under served neighborhood in the city of Chicago. I will be able to promote public health as well as practice physical therapy. I am also looking forward to taking anatomy and physiology in the following year. These are very important classes for my major and for applying to professional school for physical therapy. 

During these past few weeks,  the Latino Resource Center has held many events such as Latin Chill and El Grito in honor of Latino Heritage month. Enjoy the photos!ImageImageImage



2 thoughts on “Beginning of the Semester!

  1. baileyrhoads says:

    LOVE the pictures!
    Sounds like you have some amazing plans for your future. It must be exciting to finally be able to take major classes that will directly benefit your career goals.

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