Introduction of myself

Hello everyone! My name is Elaine Rodriguez and I’m currently a junior with a major in pre-physical therapy and a minor in public health. I am part of the College of Health and Human Sciences. I am part of the student/civic engagement committee in the Northern Light Ambassador program. I am originally from Chicago. My immediate family consists of my mom, dad, and one older sister. My parents are originally from Mexico and migrated to the US before I was born. I love traveling, dancing, listening to music, going to concerts, and hanging out with friends. I am a first generation student with big dreams.

I chose NIU (Northern Illinois University) because it was an opportunity for me to be away from home and grow as an individual. I liked the fact that I would be away but yet still close to Chicago. I am very proud and thankful to have chosen NIU because of all of the opportunities it has provided me. I had never been this involved in any educational institution I have attended.

I chose to be an NLA to be able to assist new and current students in helping them become involved on campus. I want to be able to share all of the information and advice I have learned through my experiences. I am looking forward to meeting future and current students as well as their parents to be able to discuss all of the opportunities NIU has to offer for them.

The experience that has most stood out to me was when I was able to attend a national conference in Seattle, Washington last year to present my research poster. This experience made me realize that I can do anything that I set my mind to. The conference was incredibly informative, interesting, and eye opening. The best advice I give is to try your best and never give up! Go Huskies!!!


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